Wanigas Supreme Custom Leaders

Wanigas Custom Leaders

Wanigas custom leaders have been known for their superb casting qualities for years. Our current design is based on the theories of George Harvey, Joe Humphreys and Gary Borger. Read up on them sometime, its a very interesting development story to derive a quality presentation terminal end to your outfit. Each leader is built up out of Maximum Chameleon material. This German made leader material is known for a history of reliability and consistency. Maxima material has a high durability finish that avoids nicks and abrasion. This finish also helps control knot slippage, a major factor in knot breakage. Its deep red brown color is infrared sensitive to blend with surrounding when in the water. Finally, Maxima is known for its moderate stiffness and ability to easily straighten prior to fishing. Note, these leaders end without a final tippet. It is up to you to lengthen them out and create the final taper to 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X per our simple instructions included with the leader. Since the Maxima is dark brown one can find the beginnings of their tippet construction and it allows a visual cue to start to custom build the terminal end of your leader as you assess the fishing situations in front of you.

Each package contains two leaders one tapered to 3X to set up for dry fly fishing, the other for 2X with a stiffer butt preferred to fish streamers or nymphs. These leaders are hand tied with blood knots, with a perfection loop butt end.

Wanigas Supreme Custom Hand Tied Leaders: 2 for $10.00.


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