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The following stock items are on sale to start out your season in a proper way. Some of the items are limited and others not. The final post (10) is honoring our continued commitment to the coldwater resource conservators working in Trout Unlimited throughout the State of Michigan


In our tradition of offering the finest cane rods by Michigan builders the following new rods are being discounted for immediate sale: All rods are flamed bamboo come with two tips, the finest nickel silver hardware, ferrule plugs, rod bag, labeled aluminum rod tube and Wanigas shop pin. Shipping is free on all rods in the CONUS.

  1. Alder Creek (Ron Barch) 7’0” Kestrel model, 2/2, 5 weight, designed off the venerated Payne 98 classic taper.
  2. Alder Creek (Ron Barch), 7’2”, Merlin model, 2/2, 4/5 weight, designed off the acclaimed Paul H. Young Driggs River taper. This is a do all rod, meeting almost 90% of any fishing conditions you would find on Michigan trout streams.
  3. Alder Creek (Ron Barch) 7’9”, Peregrine model, 2/2, 5 weight. Designed off the historical Paul H. Young Parabolic 14 rod taper.

    Rods done up in deep forest green silk wraps, special half wells grip and walnut reel seat. Each regularly priced at $1,250, ON SALE for $1,075.
  4. McKellip Brothers: 7’0”, 2/2, 3 / 4 weight, designed off the Payne 97 taper.
  5. McKellip Brothers: 7’6”, 2/2, 5 weight, Martha Marie Light model, designed off the Paul H. Young Martha Marie taper.
  6. McKellip Brothers: 8’0”, 2/2, 5 weight, PARA 15 model, designed off a lighter version of the Paul H. Young parabolic 15 model, rated as one of the top ten cane rod tapers designed in the history of rod building.
  7. McKellip Brothers: 8’6”, 3/2 (Three section two tips), 6+ weight, Canadian Canoe. This rod is an exact taper copy of another top rated Payne rod design. Known for its smooth power. A big fish rod for larger dries and streamers.

    McKellip Brothers rods come in an extra fancy brass capped, green finished labeled tube and special green labeled rod bag. Elegant marbled walnut proprietary reel seat, BEAUTIFULLY flamed and finished cane work. 2/2 rods regularly priced at $1,400 On Sale for $1,100 and 3/2 rod regularly priced at $1,600 ON SALE for $1,375.

  8. Our custom built by Abel reels, in deep forest green and rosewood appointments, plus all the Wanigas bells and whistles.  Current Abel retail price at $375, On Sale for $299, with all the Wanigas enhancements

  9. Special: four custom hand tied multi-purpose leaders for $10.00

  10. Special productions run to benefit Trout Unlimited Chapters and Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited. Each wooded fly box is 3 ½ inches X 7 inches X 1 1/8 inches in size (Can fit large C&F insert). With a AAAAA fancy grade extreme curly Maple top and quarter sawn Maple sides with handmade African Blackwood hinges. Weighing in at a diminutive 3.5 ounces per box, with internal compartments made from Spanish Cedar. Each box has a three coat hand rubbed oil finish. Embedded on the top is an original solid bronze Trout Unlimited pin manufactured by the Grand Rapids based Pins Unlimited, formerly owned by Fred Oswalt. Normal retail on a box is $175, ON SALE for $50.
    Email carl@wanigasrodcompany.com for detailed pictures.

That’s it not a lot, but every item special and thoughtfully made. Continue the tradition with a purchase from our shop. No guarantee you will fish any better with these items, but you will look and feel like you are.

Best to everyone in their upcoming season. As Art Neumann always concluded,” Get your kicks out of the catching, not the killing.”

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