Wanigas Reels

Wanigas has engaged Abel Automatics Inc. to produce a unique fly reel built to balance properly with the weight of a bamboo rod. The Abel name is known world wide for quality in building the best commercial reels in the world. A properly balanced outfit is a must for any fisherperson to cast well. Today’s more modern rod materials have redirected the reel producers to lighter and lighter models. Bamboo rods require a reel with a bit more substance to get that necessary balance. Our Abel Custom reels are solid frame and spool reels, suitable for 4, 5 and 6 weight lines with backing. The reels are 3 and 3 1/8 inches in diameter with a .75 or .60 spool width, with capacities as noted below. This design harks back to an original Abel TR series of solid reels and a number of the older classic fly reels built by Hardy, Vom Hoffe, Walker, and Bogdan. There is also a perforated spool model TR2 with the solid frame, for those seeking this classic perforated spool look. Also available is a Super 4N, 6/7 weight solid frame model with Abel’s “stop a train” drag to compliment larger line sizes and bigger water fishing conditions. The Abel 4N is one of the best adjustable drag reels for its size on the market. Each reel is anodized a special deep deep green and appointed with a rosewood handle & rear accent element, engraved with the Wanigas logo. Each reel comes in a Wanigas embroidered soft reel bag, retro Wanigas Rod Company lapel pin, enclosed in the Abel case and the Abel lifetime warrantee.

Wanigas is also a Hardy reel dealer. Since the late 19th century Hardy has been supplying the standard for fly reels to the sporting world. Hardy reels are synonymous with quality and this sport. Nothing looks finer than a bamboo rod sporting a classic Hardy reel. We carry in stock the Perfect and a few remaining (now discontinued) Uniqua (the Orvis CFO template) reels.

Wanigas Reels

Wanigas/Abel Custom @ 3.125” diameter: $375.00.

4 wt. / 125 yards backing
5 wt. / 100 yards backing
6 wt. / 75 yards backing

Wanigas/ Abel Custom TR2 @ 3.025” diameter: $375.00

(Specify all solid or with perforated spool)

4 wt. / 180 yards backing
5 wt. / 155 yards backing
6 wt. / 130 yards backing

Wanigas/ Abel Super 4N: $565.00

6 wt. / 190 yards backing
7 wt. / 170 yards backing

Hardy Perfect / 3 1/8” RH or LH: $950.00

4 wt. / 70 yards backing
5 wt. / 55 yards backing
6 wt. / 40 yards backing

Hardy Uniqua #2: $185.00.

4 wt. / 75 yards backing
5 wt. / 60 yards backing
6 wt. / 45 yards backing

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