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Leon Hanson

Leon started building rods in the late 1970’s. Since then he has quietly built some of the finest rods in the country. He is a rod builder’s builder. He has always attacked a project seeking the best possible information from the experts, and then proceeds to improve upon it. His intuitive thinking in resolving a problem has made him famous in his Boone & Crocket hunting records, the invention and production of the now highly sought after Hanson center pin reel and of course, his rods. Having spent considerable time with Hoagy Carmichael exploring the craft, he began professionally building rods. The quality of his work was so notable; it brought mention in Ernie Schwiebert’s “Trout”. Ernie spoke of Garrison, then Carmichael and then Hanson as a line of succession. Leon’s depth of thinking applied to the construction of his rods, is worthy of recognition. His tapers cast sublimely, as only an expert caster can translate into bamboo. Leon’s production is very limited and his rods seldom appear on the used rod market. Wanigas Rod Company is honored to be able to have extremely limited availability of Leon’s rods. Please contact us if you have an interest.

Call for availability; All exceptional casting rods.

91 1/2 - 3: 6'6" 3/2 3 wt. #9107, Original bag and engraved tube, sublime casting, gutsy 3 weight rod in near mint condition. $1,785.00

92-4: 7'0", 2/2, 4 wt., Original bag and engraved tube. Very quick small stream rod in used but excellent cared for condition. $1,595.00

94 – 5: 8'0", 2/2, 5 wt., #2009-2, Original bag and Wanigas labeled tube with Wanigas green tube cover bag. That perfect 8'0" all around fiver weight rod. Solid built. New $2,075.00

95 – 6HB: 8'6", 2/2, 6-7 wt., #0701, Original bag and Wanigas labeled tube with Wanigas green tube over bag. Built out with a hollow fluted butt, like a Winston and finished with single foot guides to reduce weight this is a light in hand long casting rod, prefect for larger rivers and fishing out west, near mint condition. $1,875.00

Leon Hanson Rods: As priced

We are proud to announce, for 2011 Leon has started to produce a line of entirely hollow built rods, based on the developments work out by Per Brandin and Mario Wojnicki in their collaborations while building rods on the west coast. These rods are advancement in the construction of bamboo rods. Exhibiting the same strength as a solid built rod, but achieving a 25% reduction in the rod weight these rods result in a lighter smoother casting rod.

These rods are superlative casting and fishing instruments. Full hollow build all the way up the entire length of the rod . Ultra smooth casting and extremely accurate in their presentation of a fly. These are the new generation of bamboo rods It is hard to pick up and use a solid built rod after casting one of these rods. These rods literally change your fishing life. See Per Brandin's website under "rods in currently stock" for his third party evaluation of Hanson Rods.

Please contact us if you are looking for a particular model and we can place you on a list to call if the model becomes available.

Through July 2011, 2/2 piece rods are $2,400.00, 3/2 piece rods are $2,600

Due to demand and growing recognition for his work, as of August 2011, all 2/2 rods will be $3,000.00 and 3/2 rods $3,300.00.


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