McKellip Brothers' Bamboo Fly Rods

Mark McKellip

Mark McKellip has spent his life in the Michigan outdoors hunting and fishing. He established himself as a restorer of the classic production rods built by Heddon, Granger, Phillipson, Leonard, etc. His knowledge of Heddon rods was used often when Michael Sinclair wrote his authoritative work on Heddon. He spent 11 years as the manager of a Michigan fly fishing shop. In that time he established himself as a knowledgeable source for beginners to experts in all matters fishy. He dispenses his considerable knowledge with a wit and delight punctuated with a twinkle in his eyes. His on-stream expertise is considerable, most noticeably his ability to expertly cast a fly almost anywhere under any condition.

McKellip rods are built to exacting standards. Every aspect during construction is scrutinized to allow only the best workmanship to move forward into a complete rod. He firmly believes the best rod tapers were created by Jim Payne and Paul H. Young. His tapers are derivatives of these fine classic works refined with his expert nose of what a good casting rod should feel like. Through a special heat treating process involving the entire culm of bamboo, a McKellip rod is noticeably different in appearance and action. All McKellip rods are evenly flamed and sport a unique marbled English walnut reel seat with engraved butt cap of Mark’s design. The richness of their appearance only compliments the exquisite casting qualities of a McKellip rod. Complete with a labeled rod bag, heavy engraved brass capped and labeled green tube

Payne 97: 7’0” 2/2 3/4 wt. Derived from the Payne 97 taper. A three/four weight rod with guts. Impressive in its casting and ability to handle a fish this rod is the essence of “fun” to fish. 2 available at Sale Pricing through May 15. Please contact Carl for more information or availability. See Wanigas News for 2011 Spring Sale details.

M. M. Light: 7’6” 2/2 5 wt. Derived from the Paul Young Martha Marie taper, toned down just a bit, known for its quickness and punch. The perfect rod to transition from graphite with.

M84: 8’0” 2/2 4 wt. Mark’s own taper in one of the more difficult length and line weight combinations. Obviously carefully worked out and tested. A beautiful casting spring creek rod.

Para 15+: 8’0” 2/2 6 wt. Derived from the famous Paul Young Para 15 taper, but with more authority. A great ‘big fish” and/or “out west” rod.

C. C.: 8’6” 3/2 6/7wt. Investigating and measuring a number of original Payne Canadian Canoe tapers and a little bit of intelligent tweaking has derived an exquisite, boat / big fly / big fish rod. Many accolades have been given this original Payne rod for its smooth powerful casting. Mark has only continued this tradition with his derivation.

McKellip Brothers: $1,299.00 for 2/2 rods and $1,525.00 for 3/2 rods

All rods are built from hand selected Tonkin cane, spilt and milled to exact tapers. They are fitted out with nickel silver ferrules and reel seat hardware and the toughest guides and strippers manufactured. All come with two tips, in a cloth bag, in a brass-capped metal tube with a Wanigas labeled tube sheath.


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