Alder Creek Bamboo Fly Rods

Ron Barch

Ron Barch’s name is entwined and synonymous with the resurgence of bamboo rod making in this country. Since it’s inception, he has been the editor of The Planning Form; a newsletter for bamboo rod builders, for over twenty years. As a retired educator he has extended this professional vocational talent to conducting rod building classes around the United States and Canada. He was the first bamboo rod building class instructor at the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum’s now annual event. Ron is, and has been, a friend and professional peer with many of today’s builders. The Planing Form has become the established clearing house for bamboo makers, innovations and sourcing. If there would be anyone more informed and qualified to build a quality bamboo rod it would be none other than Ron.

Ron believes in keeping his rods simple. The workmanship is precise. He does not get caught up in hyperbole and exotica. He builds rods to fish with, believing the rod is a tool to enhance the pleasure of the fishing experience. Not made to be the show, but a partner in the performance.

Kestrel: 7’0” 2/2 5 wt. Derived from the Payne 98 taper. A quick, elegant, reserved power rod. A good transition rod for one switching from graphite.

Merlin: 7’2” 2/2 4/5 wt. Derived from the Paul Young Drigg’s taper. This is Ron’s do anything, fish anywhere rod. Be it in the Catskills, Michigan or ranging around Montana, this is the rod 9 times out of 10 he’ll pick up and go fishing with.

Peregrine: 7’9” 2/2 5 wt. Derived from the Paul Young Para 14 taper. The little brother of the famed Para 15 OR the bigger brother to the Perfectionist, is as fine an all around rod as one could want.

Alder Creek Rods: $1,245.00 In stock

All rods are built from hand selected Tonkin cane, spilt and milled to exact tapers. They are fitted out with nickel silver ferrules and reel seat hardware and the toughest guides and strippers manufactured. All come with two tips, in a cloth bag, in a brass-capped metal tube with a Wanigas labeled tube sheath.


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